Native Pulse is a two-person music production company designed to help artists see their creative vision from concept to conclusion.

The creative side:

Globally renowned drummer and composer Ra Kalam Bob Moses has over 30 years experience writing, arranging and producing albums for artists of all genres. Live and in the studio, Ra Kalam has performed both as a leader and as a side man with some of the worlds most respected musicians. If you are in need creative direction, musical accompaniment or anything in between, Ra Kalam is your man.

The technical side:

David J. Sullivan has been recording music for more than 15 years, and has become Ra Kalam Bob Moses' chief audio, mixing, editing and programing engineer. He specializes in both studio and location recording with experience in jazz, reggae, hip hop, electronic, metal, world music and more. If you are in need of an exceptional sounding record, don't hesitate to contact him.


The Quincy space, located at 11 Carruth Street in Quincy, MA, is a 15 minute walk from the Red Line and a 20 minute drive south of Boston. Here, we can facilitate small ensembles, singer/songwriters, lyricists, voiceover artists and anyone wishing to work with Ra Kalam Bob Moses. This studio houses Ra-Kalam's infamous drum set which never leaves the premises. Check it out here.