Our mixing facility has been treated exclusively with realtraps® high-performance acoustic treatment for maximum room frequency balance and accurate monitoring.

We utilize Barefoot MM-27 nearfield, main and mastering monitors for all of our mixing and critical listening work. Here is a little information from their web site:

"The MicroMain27 is a groundbreaking new monitor that is in a class all its own. It is quickly becoming the premier choice for top mixing and mastering engineers. The speaker is designed to address the demands of modern recording. It breaks down the barriers between nearfield, mastering and main monitors. No need to have multiple pairs of speakers crowding your studio; no need to guess what the mastering engineer is going to hear. The MM27 is compact and powerful, truly a "nearfield on steroids™." While exceptionally neutral and designed for critical listening, the MM27 is still very capable of rocking the house. It transforms the definition of a main monitor -- a Micro Main™ monitor. The only monitor you may ever need."

Mixing Room