Our good friend and brother Tupac Mantilla came by the studio last night with nine of his compadres from Bogota Columbia. They are in Boston to play a series of shows as the experimental percussion troupe, Tekeyé (starting tomorrow night at the New England Conservatory: LINK)

We managed to fit all nine of them into our small room, playing various instruments including djembes, cuicas, 5 gallon water jugs, and Rakalam behind the drums.

It was a rare and exciting experience to say the least.

Founded in Bogota, Colombia in 2004 by NEC graduate percussionist Tupac Mantilla, TEKEYÉ® has created an exciting style of percussion ensemble incorporating rhythmic influences from a wide range of world traditions.

Without the use of conventional instruments, the group relies on the human body, found objects, and movement to create complex and beautiful compositions which eliminate the barriers between performer and audience.

TEKEYÉ® is considered the number one experimental percussion group in Colombia and its trajectory in the artistic, cultural and corporative world, places it amongst the best groups of its genre in Latin America. With more than 400 performances over the past years and multiple national and international tours, this creative project of 12 professional musicians, has become the image of the most prestigious multinational companies established in Colombia.


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