The great bass violin, bass guitar & bass clarinet maestro Doug Matthews came up yesterday while vacationing from his home in Florida. We ended up recording a trio with young saxophonist Andrew Urbina.

As Rakalam put it: "Our bass is extremely excited to finally be in the presence of a master player". There was a lot of love in the air, and without a doubt, we got a chance to capture a rare event.

Doug Matthews has been the acoustic and electric bassist for jazz legend Sam Rivers' group Rivbea Orchestra since 1993. He has played bass clarinet in the Sam Rivers' Trio since that time as well. Mathews studied at The Berklee School Of Music in Boston, and has become one of Central Florida's most in-demand bass players. He has backed a virtual tome of artists, including Alphonse Mouzo, Lynn Ariale, Tex Beneke and Warren Covington. He leads a creative, improvising ensemble in the Orlando area and has played in ensembles with violinist/composer Jon Rose, trumpeter Steven Bernstein, and in Bernsteins Diaspora Blues group. You can visit him on Sam's page:


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