This week we had a visit from up and coming saxophonist Darius Jones recording a horn and drum duet with Rakalam Bob Moses. Stay on the lookout, as he will be soon be releasing his debut full length album (a trio recording with Cooper-Moore and Rakalam Bob Moses on drums), through AUM Fidelity Records.

Darius Jones is an alto saxophonist, composer, and producer. He joined the New York music community in 2005, after living and studying in Richmond, Va. Darius comes from a diverse musical background that has lead to his unique, alternative, and soulful approach to music. Jones has composed and performed in a wide variety of areas such as electro-acoustic music, chamber ensembles, contemporary jazz groups, free jazz groups, modern dance performances, and multi-media events. Darius enjoys playing with a steady group of artists and improvisers. The current bands Jones works with are the Cooper-Moore Trio, Mike Pride’s From Bacteria to Boys, Nioka Workman’s House Arrest Band, William Hooker’s Bliss Quartet, Trevor Dunn’s Proof Readers, and Period.


Clients : Darius Jones