We produce music for all kinds of musicians, as well as oversee the entire recording and mixing process.

Traditionally, the music producers function was to help artists achieve the best possible record album by overseeing the recording process and offering guidance, coaching and musical ideas to the artists. With the advent of digital music technology, it is now possible for the producer to be the musician and the recording engineer as well.  Native Pulse can facilitate all of these functions.


Studio & location multi-track recording

We record up to 26 simultaneous tracks of audio, with room for 900 tracks of overdubbing, right here in our home or anywhere you would like to have your music captured.



We accept files from all major DAWs, including Pro Tools, Cubase/Nuendo, Samplitude, Sonar, and more. We bring sessions into Cubase/Nuendo, and mix on that platform. 

Our mixing room has been adjusted exclusively with Real Traps high-performance acoustic treatment. We monitor through Barefoot MM-27 speakers and Grado GS1000 headphones using the Metric Halo LIO 8 D/A conversion.


Live and studio performance

Hire Ra Kalam Bob Moses to perform with you at your concert or on your record. Take this opportunity to work with a legend and make a record in his home with full access to his beautiful full-drum setup that never leaves our music room: Music Room

Ra Kalam has been a side-man to some of the worlds greatest musicians. He continues to be in high demand, traveling the globe for recording, work shops and live dates. Please contact Native Pulse for more information on how to book him: Contact

Please visit our Tools link for information about our gear.